Orosipon – The Former Quinto Building Now [Updated]

I still remember Quinto Building when I was a kid – it was the only one who offers a ten-pin bowling alley (there’s another bowling alley then, the Dino-Mark’s along Burgos St. as well). The first bus line, Sarkies Tours,  with air-based shocks and restroom on-board had a terminal within the building.

Of course, nobody could forget the JB Cinema that offered a good movie experience during its heydays. It was also the last cinema to close down a decade back.

Along Burgos St. on the side of Brgy. Talisay, the remaining original entities are the old town hall, Colegio de la Milagrosa and Dino-Mark’s Bowling Center (however, this, too, is closed but the building is still there).

Around June 2011, the former Quinto Bldg. is still in renovation. One can see the former JB Cinema at the right most side.

November, 2011. The ground floor of the old Quinto Bldg. is now the NOVO store and on top is NOVOTEL.

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