Former Sorsogon Provincial Post Office

The former Sorsogon Provincial Post Office is now Jane’s Bakery. The former is now located in the local DOTC office just a few lots away along De Vera Street. While the latter was originally located in Plasa. Looking at the structure, it seems that it was constructed before the war (any comments from our readers is most welcome). 11/21/2010
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4 Responses to Former Sorsogon Provincial Post Office

  1. Maloha Hatoc says:

    wrong spelling po ang “Loking” if you mean “looking at the structure,…..”

  2. Manny A. says:

    “Dios Maray Na Aldaw Tabi” sa gabos: Why don’t these Website Publish as much/more “Scenes” of the present Sorsogon City (all sectors..) so that, we ALL can track and enjoy them along the passing years and we’ll have photo-archives. Salamatonon! 🙂

    • sorsogoncity says:

      Hi Sir,

      Salamat tabi sa comment nindo. Amo man ina an plano ko, kaya lang busy ako sa trabaho ko nan dili ako based sa Sorsogon. Kaya pag wara tabi ako oras, ginku-collect ko muna tabi an news about Sorsogon. Grabe pa tabi an nakapila na original compositions ko.

      Bayai lang tabi, makabawi man ako sa indo.

      Dios Mabalos!

      Sorsogon City

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