Grow this Site – Sorsogon City is Calling for Volunteer-Writers and Local Entrepreneurs

Hi Dear Readers,

I would like to invite those with passion on writing and literature to contribute on this site. As part of the agenda of this site, is to share stories about our beloved Sorsogon, regardless if it’s about history, anecdotes or creative works of any Sorsoganon. The most important is we take records of such literary works for the next generation’s reference (I know, this sounds ambitious, but we have to start somewhere).

For students, you are most welcome to share your school or club activities to show case your school. I am sure alumni in different parts of the globe will be quite interested to know what’s happening on their former schools.

For those that want to highlight their business, this site is also supportive of local entrepreneurs. Just share what your business is all about, a short story how it came about, and contact information. I can help out on composition of the article; before publishing it, I will ensure that I have the business owner’s endorsement.

If you want to get in touch with me, just leave a message on this article with your email address. Don’t leave your email address on the message itself, rather, the comment function will prompt you for your email address. This is to avoid spamming on your part.

I will still retain the rights to publish it or not. However, I will ensure that you get appropriate explanation.

Unfortunately, this site is not income-generating, thus,I can’t provide monetary rewards. I can only promise that your articles will be credited to you and will be read around the globe. 

Dios Mabalos!!!

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2 Responses to Grow this Site – Sorsogon City is Calling for Volunteer-Writers and Local Entrepreneurs

  1. Maloha Hatoc says:

    im a freelance columnist/writer, as a matter of fact one of my news article in Bicolmail (entitled: Convicted town mayor awaits transfer to NBP) was quoted by a certain writer Mr. Sonny Sales. in this site. My question is, how about news items in Sorsogon City? i’m not a literary writer. Thanks.

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