Tinsels and Pencils: A designer Christmas


HYATT Hotel and Casino Manila continues its beautiful tradition of providing its patrons, guests and the local community a one-of-a-kind designer Christmas.

Every year, the Hotel partners with distinguished Filipino artists in creating original Christmas decorations with a cause. Celebrated local talents who have joined the Hotel’s charitable initiative include Impy Pilapil, Ann Pamintuan, Tes Pasola, Renato Vidal and Michael Cacnio. This year, Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila has invited multi-award winning furniture designer Milo Naval to showcase his inspired monumental masterpieces entitled “Tinsels and Pencils of Christmas”.

Each unique work of art is made of the humble pencil, which resonates with both Milo’s and Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila’s strong belief in the power of education. “Tinsels and Pencils of Christmas” can be viewed exclusively throughout the Hotel until 6 January 2012.

Milo Naval started out as an interior designer and worked as one for more than 15 years before he established Evolve Designs, a company engaged in designing contemporary furniture and accessories. His use of indigenous materials transformed into modern pieces has managed to create a distinct furniture style. His works have been showcased in various international shows abroad including Paris, New York and Milan, to name just a few.


The theme of the unique anthology revolves around pencils made into innovative furniture statement pieces. The heart of the collection is a leaf-shaped sofa made of green pencils called Synthesis which adorns the main lobby of the Hotel. This larger-than-life abstract representation of a Christmas Tree stands four metres tall and is composed of over 10,000 pencils. The rest of the modernly-interpreted Christmas installations can be found at the Hotel’s award-winning restaurants Market Cafe, Li Li and The Fireplace, as well as The Lounge and the Regency Club Lounge.

“It is not your traditional Christmas decoration. Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila has been known for its artistic and creative approach in providing a designer Christmas. It is any artist’s dream to work with a company who has such passion and open mindedness for the arts and its different interpretations. But what inspired me to work with them is their tradition of dedicating each show to charities both the artist and the Hotel support,” shares Milo.

“So, rather than creating artworks that will just be stored away after Christmas, I designed a collection made of pencils. Each art piece can easily be dismantled and the pencils can still be used,” adds Milo.


Milo Naval and his wife Katherine, who hails from the province of Sorsogon, continue to dedicate their hard work to support a local charity in their hometown – the Healing Servants Foundation, Inc. In celebration of the spirit of sharing and kind heartedness, Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila has dedicated this year’s designer Christmas to Milo’s supported organization. Immediately after the festivities, pencils from the art pieces created by Milo will be donated by the Hotel to the students of the Divine Healer Academy, a school run by the Healing Servants Foundation, Inc.

The Healing Servants Foundation, Inc. was organized to give hope, strength and joy to children and families who suffer from poverty in the province of Sorsogon. It aims to uplift the human spirit of the underprivileged one step at a time through various programmes, one of which focuses on education.

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