Fiber Development Authority launches abaca disease management project cum training in Irosin town

PIA Press Release
Friday, November 25, 2011

by Irma A. Guhit

SORSOGON CITY, November 25 (PIA) — The Fiber Development Authority (FIDA) in close tandem with the local government of Irosin launched yesterday the Abaca Disease Management Project cum Training at the Patag Eco Park with 80 participants in attendance from its several identified abaca potential producing barangays.

Irosin municipal mayor Eduardo F. Ong, Jr in his message said that the local government of Irosin has seen the best opportunity in the abaca as an industry, it being one of the best plants that can be propagated in their town given the topography, land classification and weather conditions within the areas identified as planting sites based on FIDA’s assessment.

Mr. Daniel L. Lachica, FIDA Development Officer here in the province said that the training was more on the identification of the “three deadly trio” disease of abaca namely; Bunchy Top, Bract Mosaic, and Abaca Mosaic and how can these be treated, controlled and finally eradicated given the new technologies discovered by FIDA and the opportunity for its massive plantation in the town of Irosin.

The province of Sorsogon, according to Dr. Editha O. Lomero, Ph.D., regional director and officer-in-charge, has been one of the biggest suppliers of abaca fiber of good quality and since the time that abaca was affected with these three diseases, abaca production here has deteriorated.

The current administration under President Benigno Simeon C. Aquino according to her has pushed to revitalize and rehabilitate certain endemic industries within specific regions and here in Sorsogon, Irosin town has been for the past years one of the volume quality suppliers of hemp.

The farmers yesterday during the training were taught on the disease identification, application of chemicals and the right monitoring on how the abaca plant can be cultivated again to become an economic base of people in the countryside as major livelihood source.

FIDA will also provide job order for personnel who will conduct and assist in the treatment according to Lachica and these will be the abaca propagators themselves who will be tapped.

Mayor Ong has forged commitment with FIDA to start the project and initial funding to the barangays of Bagsangan, Mapaso, Bolos, Carriedo, Cogon, Santo Domingo, Monbon , Cawayan and Patag and will soon be provided. (PIA-SORSOGON)

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