DTI reports bright opportunities for “bayong” production in Sorsogon

by Irma A. Guhit

SORSOGON CITY, November 8 (PIA) — Bayong production has been intensified as Sorsogon’s emerging best export product through convergence efforts by the different local governments, government line agencies, private sectors and local manufacturers, according to Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) provincial director Leah Pagao.

Marinella Hernandez, division chief of DTI Sorsogon product division, confirmed that there was a voluminous demand for bayong in both the local and international markets as reflected in the sales from the just concluded Orgulyo nin Bicol held in Manila.

Export sales generated P33,867 and 1,206 jobs.

Bayong is a local product made here out of the local materials such as karagumoy, buri pandan, seagrass (locally named agas), abaca, water hyacinth, bamboo and rattan.

It has also been recommended by almost all local governments here as the alternative biodegradable material instead of plastic shopping bags.

DTI Sorsogon,explained that bayong production requires only low investment and light technology as this can be mass produced in homes.

At the recent Kasanggayahan Festival, trendy bayongs were sold to promote tourism in the province.(PIA-SORSOGON)

Original article.

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