Jollibee Presence along South Road


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For those fastfood fans, especially those who love Jollibee, and on their way to Sorsogon – be sure to get your Jollibee products in Gumaca branch before driving southward. It’s the last Jollibee along the way and Chowking, too.

The next Jollibee available, if one is taking the Andaya Highway, is in Naga City and one has to drive to the center of the city. Afterwards, there’s a Jollibee branch in Nabua along the Maharlika highway; otherwise, the next Jollibee is in Sorsogon if one doesn’t want to visit the interior of the other cities and towns.

Sorsogon City has its Jollibee branch in LKY Building near plasa (wet market).

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