Good Intentions

October 30, 2011, 11:29pm

MANILA, Philippies — Gov’t to MILF: Account for P5-M Fund — Headline.

No kidding? Even if we can’t get them to observe ceasefire?

Sorsogon State College is founded on 1993. However, it has a rich history since the American Occupation.

And don’t even think of sending Commission on Audit deputy Heidi Mendoza to Basilan.

Any elementary school teacher knows that you must first get the bully to behave in class before you can teach him arithmetic.

Budget Secretary Butch Abad chides public institutions of higher learning who ask for higher budget …like schoolchildren asking for increased allowance.

He says there’s no connection between money and excellence in higher education. Proof is little-known Sorsogon State College (SSC), 500 kilometers south of Manila, which consistently tops national engineering board exams.

SSC has 79 percent passing rate (vs. 62 percent nationally) and produced Joseph Cyril R. Gredoña son of a tricycle driver (92.70 percent) and Daniel E. Forteza, son of a farmer/fisherman (92.65 percent) who ranked first and second, respectively, in the mechanical engineering board exams last month.

In April, another SSC graduate and a son of a shellfish vendor, Jhonrey Aguirre, topped the electrical engineering board exams (89.65 percent); a college mate, Leandro Salamatin, placed 10th (87.05 percent).

Yeah, but the school doesn’t have to score in the UAAP Final Four…

P-Noy paid homage to his mentor by conferring the National Scientist award on Fr. Bienvenido Nebres, SJ, past president of the Ateneo de Manila University.

Fr. Nebres has the record as the longest-serving president of the Ateneo. He raised the number of scholarships by 25%… and aspired to hike it further to 40%…

A sure-fire formula to raise academic standards…and avoid the problem of La Salle Taft Avenue by bringing down car parking problems at Loyola Heights.

The Outdoor Advertising Association of the Philippines reminds MMDA that if it removes billboards, Manila will return to the Dark Ages.

BIR Commissioner Kim Henares ran a sting operation on Makati Medical Center doctors who fail to issue receipt.

Why doesn’t she instead go after the operators at “168”…in tandem with Bureau of Immigration Commissioner Ricardo A. David Jr?

FOREIGN AFFAIRS. Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario called “irresponsible” comments made by a Chinese newspaper to “mentally prepare for the sound of canons.”

Don’t rise to the bait, Mr. Secretary. Let your spokesman or another paper rebut. Otherwise, remember Henry Kissinger’s ruse of “a state department high official” to convey statements not to be attributed to him?

TRADITION. British royal succession rules to change. Centuries of British royal discrimination came to an end Friday after Commonwealth leaders agreed to drop rules that give sons precedence as heir to the throne. It’s a Girl! Boy! Or Another…! FEEDBACK:

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