Orosipon – Zenco Footstep Memories

I remember Footsteps during my elementary days. It carried the

Zenco Footstep surviving the ever changing market landscape of Sorsogon.

brands of Kaypee, Swatch (before the watches, there’s the shoes), Grosby and other local brands. If my memory serves me right, it also carried Adidas for a while.

It was the only, and still is, specialty store in town. I remember it’s one of the most popular products – Islander. It’s some sort of status symbol of that time; it’s expensive than Spartan – the former cost almost PHP100 a pop, while the latter is only less than PHP20/pair.

It also offered alternative models of black shoes for students, and it was cheap, too. After Sunday mass, together with my neighbor-friends, we would drop by just to window shop.

Kaypee was popular among the boys. In my opinion, it was comparable to Adidas back then (the latter almost closed shop in the Philippines). Its popularity can be attributed by the fact that popular PBA players like Jojo Lastimoso served as its model.

I know that there were other Footstep branches in the Philippines. I know there was one in Quiapo area, and in Legazpi. It’s amazing that the branch in Sorsogon survived.

It will always be part of my childhood memory.

Author’s Note: Zenco Footstep is located along Magsaysay St., just in front of Hollywood store (one of the oldest store in the city proper as well).

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2 Responses to Orosipon – Zenco Footstep Memories

  1. gideon300 says:

    Yes, the rubber I wore in high school was Grosby. And I think you forgot to mention Mightykid for the little ones…he he

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