Orosipon – Baraylihan

Author’s note: This is part of the Orosipon series, which he is trying to document stories about the old days of Sorsogon.

While on my way back to my wife’s place in Brgy. Capuy, I heard this very loud music coming from the side of the highway – baraylihan is alive!

Baraylihan (community dance), for those who didn’t grow up in the province is an old social practice for the provincial folks where they can have mingle and have fun. Discotheque was only in the city. Thus, the local community will rent sound system, or sometimes, there’s this roving groups who really offer such service to the barangay during local event, mostly during Fiesta. The music is loud and not exactly pleasing for those who grew up on the digital technology. Worse, there were some stabbing and shooting incidents that happened due to jealousy and old grudges.

My kid’s nanny, who is Gen Y, grew up still knowing what Baraylihan is. She would walk 2 kilometers just to join one on nearby barangay!

I remember sleeping at night when I was a kid, listening to these 70s or 60s music genre (luckily I had an ear for such music, so I never complained). One time we got lost in the Pucdol mountains (the ranges that divide Albay and Sorsogon provinces), I passed time by listening to the music from a Baraylihan around Maricrum area while trying to sleep on branches of a tree.

This time, it was my daughter who complained, “mommy, where is that loud music (coming from)”. One of this days, I will bring her to one such event.

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