Orosipon – Cinehan sa Sorsogon San Dekada Otsenta

There were 4 movie houses in the former town of Sorsogon – Jomil’s Cinema 1 (cor. Magsaysay and Rizal Sts.) and 2 (Magsaysay St., but almost near Rizal St.), Maya Cinema (Rizal St.) and JB Cinema (Burgos St).

The first movie I watched was in our home province – Jomil’s Cinema (then, Jomil’s Cinema 2 wasn’t around yet). It was one of Lito Lapid‘s film – Ang Pagbabalik ni Leon Guerrero and San Basilio (Julio Valiente).

The Centro Mall is a former cinema, Jomil’s 1. In the background on the right, the former Jomil’s 2 can be seen.

Then, the local theater offers kadobol – each film lasts barely an hour with 15 to 20 min intermission.

The Jomil‘s Cinema had upholstered seats with two categories – Balcony (upper section) and Orchestra (lower section). The former was more expensive than the latter.

The Jomil’s Cinema 1 is now the current Centro Mall.

In the mid-80s, this building is the Jomil Cinema 2.

There was also the second Jomil‘s Cinema, just above of Sampaguita Store, beside UCPB. If I am not mistaken, this was the first theater that folded up after the Jomil Cinema 1. These two theaters were (perhaps the buildings are still)  owned by the Duana family.

I remember also Maya Cinema (formerly named Loida, named from Loida Nicolas-Lewis) just in front of the existing Mike and Jerry restaurant. However, it was infamous for its surot (bedbug) – eventually, it was renovated. I would get free seat on this theater since the owner was a close family friend.

The newest (can’t remember if it was new really or newly renovated) was the JB Cinema (just beside the Quinto Bldg along Burgos St.). One of our neighbors who went to the same school I did, her mother worked as a takilyera (the one who sold the tickets). I can’t remember why we dropped by almost every day, but I did get to watch portion of the movies. My memory could only recall Dante Varona in his one of starring roles. The said cinema was the last one to close as well.

This is the Quinto bldg. under construction around May’11. The left portion is the former JB Cinema.

Eventually, these movie houses closed down due to availability of cheap video players and CD/DVD selections. It was more convenient to buy one and watch the movie on your home.

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5 Responses to Orosipon – Cinehan sa Sorsogon San Dekada Otsenta

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  2. nonoestur says:

    These 4 sinehan in Sorsogon will always be part of my childhood.
    What I remember however, is that each one had their specialty of movies shown, ‘though not consistently.
    Maya – is famous, except for surots of course, for bold (pene) and kung-fu movies.
    JB – usually showed pinoy action movies.
    Jomil’s 1 – for pinoy drama movies.
    Jomil’s 2 – mostly for english and hollywod films.
    And if my memory serves me right, JB Cinema (owned by Jorge Baritua of Gubat?) used to be called Ludy’s and then Quinto before it became JB.
    Also Maya had an old name, but I just couldn’t remember any more.
    There was a time too that there were 5 cinemas in Sorsogon around mid 90’s when they opened Maya 3 (?) just above the new Robertson Dept. Store. But it didn’t last long for lack of patronage. It was the biggest, cleanest and best cinema house until it closed down.
    Too bad, all of them were inoperational now.

  3. sorsogoncity says:

    I forgot the 5th movie house beside Robertson’s. It was the newest cinema then. Thanks for the reminder.

    Very sharp memories, nonoestur! 🙂

  4. allan lascano says:

    how i wish to know the real history behinds the barangay’s logo,spclly my own barangay talisay sorsogon coz i want to help to make a new and a visuable logo,some officials told me that our logo has a history besides that,i couldnt believe it coz as far as i know,logo been seen when barangay hall had been made along the reyes st.and besides of mateos residence.tnx


    • sorsogoncity says:

      Hi Allan,

      Now u triggered my curiosity. Something to do when I get back to our hometown.

      By the way, is the barangay hall there in the early 80s? What I could remember is that it was the photo shop of Tiyo Diego, one of the couple photographers then in the town (the other one was located in Plasa, I think).

      Dios mabalos!

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