The Industrious Among Our Solons

This is an excerpt from the original article of Isidro L. Retizos. The article in turn was shared to this site by Jovi Peralta, grandson of the late cong. Vicente L. Peralta.

Year in and year out, there are congressmen who earn no praise or publicity because their work is the dull, back-breaking study of bills in 31 house committees. These solons form the backbone and sinew of legislative efforts – without their favorable reports no bills can be discussed by Congress.


Peralta and Civil Service

The Hon. Vicente L. Peralta, Nacionalista Party from Sorsogon‘s third

Vicente L. Peralta - A proud new laywer.

district, is new in the House. Having worked with the Bureau of Civil Service like Rep. Serafin Salvadaro (D. Rizal), Rep. Peralta has always conscientiously labored for the welfare of public servants. There are many new benefits enhoyed by civil service employees today, like permanency in the service, security in the service roster, security of retirmement pay and pensions, guaranteed leaves, and promotion through merit and efficiency. In all these, Peralta and his committee have had some work that is unnoticed and not even given credit by employee themselves.

“I have always striven for a civil service that is outside the clutches of politics”. Peralta said, “I want eligibles that will be career men in the service; and I am always for promoting the efficient and the deserving.”

On the House floor, Rep. Peralta has engaged veteran solons on major issues referring to government administration, party management, and national economy. He really bears watching.


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