Water district to supply water 24/7 beginning October 15

SORSOGON CITY, October 14 (PIA/SCWD) — Locales in this city have something to smile about and enjoy before the semestral vacation and Christmas season.

Truthful to its commitment to provide 24-hour water supply for consumers, Sorsogon City Water District (SCWD) will begin round–the-clock water production operation starting October 15 this year.

The directive was issued in a Memorandum dated October 10, 2011 by Engr. Ronaldo G. Barboño, SCWD general manager to Engr. Jonathan G. Fortades, Production Division head to schedule the said 24-hour water supply operation this coming Sunday to promote good water quality and services for the consuming public.

Prior to the memorandum, a meeting with the Division Heads was held to know the status of the District’s operations especially along the intensive leak detection and repair, pipeline replacements and water meter replacements in some areas.

Three months after the 24-hour water production test-run last June this year, it has been reported that old and deteriorating pipelines have already been replaced in Barangay Sirangan and in the Subdivisions of Pang-Pang and BLISS Macabog. Water meter replacement is almost complete in Sea-brezee Homes Subdivision in Cabid-An. These identified areas showed a remarkable drop in water usage as reflected in the billed water data during the said test-run.

Leak detection and repair has been made more intensive with the commissioning of a team headed by a newly-hired engineer. And this will be made more effective with the use of high-end leak detection equipment with its procurement now already in process.

These updates and the installation of a variable frequency drive (VFD) in Bibincahan Pumping Station are just good reasons to finally go into a 24-hour water supply operation. The Bibincahan Pumping station is the fourth pumping facility to be installed with a VFD this year.

Meanwhile, Fortades stated that water production will be to the fullest, from 18 hours to 24 hours operation. He further added that aside from the continuous supply of water, added benefits are quality water with sand pumping minimized, air gush when water supply resumes eliminated and possible intrusion of water contaminants prevented.

As the prayer of Sorsogueños is answered for the need of water with the round-the clock water supply, the District also hopes that its maximum production shall also be put into good use while the wet season has not yet left the region. (MAL/MJumamil, SCWD)

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2 Responses to Water district to supply water 24/7 beginning October 15

  1. The Sorsogon Water District will really have to do a better job if it wants Sorsoganons to stop making jokes like “being serviced by a ‘Waterworse’ District.” 🙂 — Bobby M. Reyes

  2. sorsogoncity says:

    Looking at the recent news about the Sorsogon Water District, it seems that it’s improving their service. Of course, feedback from the locales would help confirm if it does making any difference.

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