Letter to (Late) Cong. Vicente L. Peralta

Central Bank of the Philippines

December 14, 1956

Dear Vicente,

Allow me to thank you very much indeed for your kind telegram on my continuance in office. As you know, I would have preferred to have been allowed to retire as I am becoming quite unhappy in this job, which also means great financial sacrifice. I take this opportunity to thank you once more for your generous support. It is my hope that the good people of your district will sometime or other come to know how much help and inspiration you ahve been giving me in this difficult and delicate job.

Warm regards.

Cordially yours,
(sgd) Mike M. Cuaderno Sr.

President Garcia and Congress leaders confer on board the Presidential Yacht, "Lapu-lapu", on proposed exemptions on the protected marginal levy on foreign exchange. From left: Central Bank Governor Miguel Cuaderno, Cong. Jose Leida, and Cong. Vicente L. Peralta, the president, Speaker Daniel Romualdez, Cong. Jacobo Gonsales and Cong. Aguedo Agbayani.


Author’s note: Mike M. Cuaderno Sr. was the Governor of Central Bank of the Philippines under President Garcia.

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