The Record of (Late) Cong. (Vicente. L.) Peralta in Securing Appropriations for Public Works Improvements for his District

Besides having a creditable performance as a lawmaker and

The late Cong. Vicente Peralta (1914-1968). He was a member of the Philippine Congress from 1954 to 1968.

parliamentarian, Rep. Peralta has brought tremendous public works improvements in his district, unprecedented in the annals of Sorsogon. During his present term he has secured authorizations in various public works acts and miscellaneous sources a total of PHP10,039,999.65, of which the amount of PHP5,409,979.65 has already been released, and are now manifested palpably in the many semi-permanent school buildings that dot the barrios and sitios of his district where before only ramshackle nipa-bamboo buildings stood, in main and feeder roads and bridges, irrigation projects, waterworks, artesian wells and springs development projects, in seawalls, river control and shore protection works, hospitals, maternity clinics and puericulture centers, municipal buildings and public markets and other forms of public improvements.

Following is a detailed list of the projects and their corresponding appropriations secured by Cong. Peralta from the various public works acts approved by Congress during his term, and from other miscellaneous sources. Appropriations already released are indicated accordingly.

The people are requested to take note of the dates when these public works acts were approved in order to dispel the false and brazen propaganda of the Liberals that these appropriations were left-overs of Congressman Clemente. We would not take credit for one centavo that is not ours. We believe in the dictum – “Give unto Ceasar what is Ceasar’s and to God what is God’s”. We also hate what the Spaniards say, “saludando con sombrero anejo”. If the Liberals whose leaders have failed them and the people miserably would not like to acknowledge what is our due, the intelligent electorate of the Second district of Sorsogon would know how to recognize and reward the diligence and sincerity of Cong. Peralta who labored assiduously and hard to bring these improvements to his district.

I-REP. ACT 1200, Approved-Sept. 2, 1954 ——————- P737,570
II-REP. ACT 1411, Approved-Sept. 10, 1955 —————– P605,000
III-REP. ACT 1613, Approved-Aug. 24, 1956 —————– P754,350
IV-REP. ACT 1900, Approved-June 22, 1957 —————- P3,312,800
V-CONTINGENT FUNDS —————————————- P626,500
VII-ARTESIAN WELLS —————————————- P97,500
IX-EXECUTIVE ORDER 19 – W ——————————— P50,000
XI-DISCRETIONARY FUNDS ———————————— P100,000
XII-SPECIAL FUNDS —————————————– P380,550
XIII-BOND ISSUES —————————————— P319,000
XVI=REP. ACT 917 —————————————— P756,720
GRAND TOTAL P10,039,999
RELEASED P5,409,979
BALANCE P4,630,020

Author’s note: I would like to thank the late congressman’s grandson, Jovi E. Peralta, for sharing me the photocopied document. I just republished it as it is. I surmise that this came from an article published by the Nacionalista Party.

The picture of the late congressman is courtesy of Ernestina Peralta. It’s use is only limited to this website. For those interested to use it for personal purposes, please don’t hesitate to contact the author for Ms. Peralta’s approval.

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