An excerpt from an article about V. L. Peralta

While the author is browsing the internet, he found the article – A Misfortune Case! – wherein the late congressman’s name was complimented.

If this case was considered in the House then we could count on two

The late Cong. Vicente Peralta (1914-1968). He was a member of the Philippine Congress from 1954 to 1968.

statesmen known for their independence of mind and scholarship. There was Arturo Tolentino who could easily and fully distinguish big from petty cases. He is still around and I’m sure he would call the case a personal battle or problem. There’s another statesman in the House, Vicente Peralta of Sorsogon. He once engaged the full membership in a long debate. When one congressman stood up and asked a question in Spanish to rattle him Peralta also answered in perfect Spanish that could have earned the applause of Miguel de Cervantes.”

The author is really glad his name is still remembered… I hope the younger generation of Sorsogueno or Bicolano will also get to know him and serve as inspiration.

Author’s note: The picture came from Ernestina Peralta’s personal collection. If anyone is interested to use it outside this site, please get in touch with Sorsogon City.

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