Patrol car saves police post from NPA attack in Sorsogon

Sorsogon, Philippines – A police patrol car saved an undermanned town police station in Sorsogon from being overrun by communist rebels who have been intensifying the attacks in province in the past few days.

Supt. Wilson Asueta, spokesman of the Bicol regional police, said the attack resulted in the wounding of two policemen of the Barcelona Police Station but said the wounds were just minor, as a result of the maneuvering against the attacking 30 rebels.

“It was actually that patrol car which protected the personnel, the rebels also found it difficult to enter the police station because of that patrol car since it was parked near the main gate,” said Asueta in a phone interview.

Asueta said the rebels immediately launched a volley of gunfire as soon as they arrived near the main gate of the police station at 11:15 p.m.

Although outnumbered, Asueta said the local police immediately scampered to defend the police station, with the direction of the town police chief.

“The policemen on duty that night was supposed to be 15 but there were only eight inside when the attack occurred, that includes the chief of police,” said Asueta.

The gun battle lasted for almost one hour, afterwhich, the rebels finally gave up and fled. (Aaron Recuenco)

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