Loboc Youth Ambassador Band adds color to the inauguration of Casiguran Gymnasium

by Irma A. Guhit

SORSOGON CITY, September 23, (PIA) — The P30 M Casiguran

Casiguran Town. Image from WIkipedia.

Gymnasium, the first and biggest gymnasium in Sorsogon was inaugurated Wednesday, September 21, with thousands witnessing the first concert offered by the local government of Casiguran, featuring the famous Loboc Youth Ambassador Band of Bohol (LYABB).

Most Rev. Bishop Arturo M. Bastes officiated the blessing and inauguration rites and the thanksgiving mass as main celebrant and with an additional 15 more visiting-invited priests as co celebrants.

“We, the local government of Casiguran would like to give our people a feel of cultural maturity , we would also like to provide the constituency an atmosphere of something that only can be seen in cultural centers in Manila aside from venturing into a private enterprise making government financially capable to have a return of investment out of the money we have loaned”, Mayor Maria Ester E. Hamor explained.

“We will be bringing to Casiguran local and nationally acclaimed performers of world class category also. We will also provide opportunities to hone the local talents of our young people as one of my flagship programs is the “Oo sa Kaakian” (Yes, to Children) and we have been recognized already nationally as a Child Friendly Municipality “, Mayor Hamor said.

“With this gymnasium, another component of good governance will be provided which is the the development of culture and arts. We will also strengthen our sports activities, open this gymnasium in hosting conventions so that the local government of Casiguran will inspire the young generation to excel and know that government is alive “, Mayor Hamor also explained.

“We in the church, would like to complement government in making our young people develop their talents so that they will not be swayed to do things that are not contributing to the development of their community”, Bishop Baster said in his homily.

“The LYABB as you will witness today here in the Casiguran Gymnasium comes from Bohol, the place where I was born and I was honed too to play different musical instruments, they will be performing here to show us that young people if properly guided by government and church combined can become their pride, bring honor to one’s place and parents” Bishop Bastes also stressed.

The LYABB comprising of 40 members, mostly teenagers, wowed the audience with a one and a half hour performance. Rendering famous international and local musical band repertoire complete with dancing . The audience was truly very amazed and entertained with their presentation showing flawless synchronized choreography, truly eye catching and breath taking.

“The LYABB will have also a second performance after this 3:00 PM presentation, it will be at 7:00 PM and this will be opened to the whole community of Casiguran, mostly the senior citizens and those from other municipalities whom I have invited” Mayor Hamor also explained. (MAL/IAG, PIA Sorsogon)

Origional article.

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