Sorsogon water district to go after illegal water connections, replacement of low-end water meters

by May L. Jumamil

LEGAZPI CITY, August 30 (PIA) — Pursuing its goal to provide round-the-clock water supply for the City, Sorsogon City Water District (SCWD) will intensify its action to minimize if not eradicate leakages, illegal water connections and under registering low-end water meters.

This was after the 24-hour water production test-run provided clues that the water firm should take immediate steps to lower the cases of leakages in some areas within the city where old pipelines are still being utilized, strengthen campaigns against water pilferage and step-up replacement of low-end water meters with more efficient ones.

The said test-run was conducted in the last two weeks of June this year which showed that although there was a marked increase in power consumption by pumping stations, billed water actually decreased specially in housing areas.

Engr. Ronaldo G. Barboño, SCWD general manager, said that the test-run may have provided 24-hour water supply, yet, its usage was not fully maximized by the concessionaires. While the District is eagerly working to achieve its goal of providing continuous water supply, it can only do so if the water distribution system follows the prescribed technical standards and the Non-Revenue Water (NRW) of the District is reduced to at least 25% or less against the total water production.

“What contribute to NRW are the leakages in the distribution system and water pilferage.”

Some areas in this city, mostly subdivisions and housing projects, have been installed with old pipelines and may have already deteriorated causing the leakages. Illegal water connections and illegal use of water can still be observed in some areas. Cases of under registering of water consumption, due to inefficient water meters, resulted to under billing.

These conditions will have a negative economic impact to the District’s operations. Where else will we get our operating funds to sustain all our services considering that we are a self-liquidating agency?” Barboño added.

Meanwhile, SCWD has already taken remedial steps to lower the incidence of leakages and water pilferage by deploying teams to constantly monitor the pipeline and distribution systems and conduct immediate repairs of detected and reported leakages likewise verifying illegal use of water.

The district has been vigilant in encouraging the concessionaires to report violations of RA 8041, otherwise known as National Water Crisis Act of 1995 by providing monetary reward to persons who have reported illegal connections. Strict implementation of Classification and Re-classification of water service connections is also being implemented.

SCWD Management has also recommended to the Board the employment of a “Leak Detection and Repair Team” to be headed by a competent engineer under the Maintenance Division and acquisition of leak detection equipment.

While immediate actions are implemented and future projects are being developed SCWD is hopeful that Sorsogon City will enjoy round the clock water supply as soon as the areas of concerns are remedied. (MAL/MLJumamil, SCWD)

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2 Responses to Sorsogon water district to go after illegal water connections, replacement of low-end water meters

  1. susan says:

    may i ask ? is the water in poblacion castilla sorsogon come from water district utilities?

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