The Blog Admin’s Dilemma

This site started with an intent to consolidate all information, coming from different sources, about the author’s home province. One thing that the author didn’t realize is that information is agnostic. Lately, due to some improvement on Google search skill of the author, some articles showed up about known Sorsoganons, some of them is close to the author’s family that doesn’t really send a good message.

Some topics are dear to the locales’ heart, that may be found offensive of some. The author remembers the articles he wrote about the Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral, which was pure opinion. As much as the author wants to get in touch with the proper authorities to take their side, it still remains a plan. By the time the articles were published, another active engagement was happening in Facebook. The point here is it’s very difficult for the author to get information from all stakeholders. The last thing the author wants is to create the wrong impression, especially, if the article is based on opinion or allegation (like this article about corruption).

And just a few hours before I started composing this article, one human rights site provided a link to a couple of local news articles; one of them was more of a old story about a camp in Sorsogon that dated back during the American occupation. For some, this is a compliment; but for the author, this can open the interpretation of what the site stands for. (The author is not decided yet on the cross-linking).

In the end, the author decided to filter the re-published articles and be sensitive on what he shares on the web. When writing the author’s own opinion, he takes into consideration of the mantra – “a news article can make or unmake a person“, according to journalism teacher back in high school.

This decision may not be acceptable to all guests, but then again, this is the descretion of the blog administrator. The author takes this is a growth pain of the site and will act accordingly in due time.

Dios Mabalos!

Note: There’s still the Sorsogon news side bar on the blog site. Visitors who would like to read all of the articles, they are free to do so.

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