Orosipon – Mga Banig na Gibo sa Karagumoy

San Isidro on the lower right corner. One can imagine how far it is from the main road if he has to walk via the Bacon Community Airport.

As usual, the author took another opportunity to talk to her grandmother, who hailed from San Isidro, Bacon, about her experience in the old days.

According to her, San Isidro was well known for the Banig (a woven mat made of Karagumoy, Chlorophora Excelsa)  production back in the old days. Her father would take this product to, as far as, Samar; most of the time her father would return with cash at hand or, in some cases, sacks of rice. Apparently, barter was an acceptable practice then in this part of the Philippines.

She also shared that she didn’t have a chance to go to the banwa (town proper), she was spending most of her time weaving banig.

The author also remembered a decade ago when his high school teacher asked to come up with a project. The author can’t remember why he submitted a small Karagumoy mat, customized by his aunt due to non-standard size, from San Isidro.

Upon searching the internet, unsurprisingly, there’s no traces of San Isidro having such history at all. Looking forward, if our local community can only revive this industry, this is a big help since the materials are readily available. Oh well, easier said than done!

Here are some related articles about Karagumoy products:

    • Bacbac Boxes – very interesting because I’ve seen this before, around 20 years ago. There was a time that my uncle wanted to export local products from San Isidro – it didn’t fly.
    • Karagumoy mats: a thriving industry for Albay villages
    • Karagumoy Bag – I wonder how much this is being sold.
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