Orosipon – An Halaga San Sardinas Sadto

Lately, I’ve been trying to collect stories of the old days, especially the lifestyles of the locales of Sorsogon. My aunt, who grew up in Castilla, told me about canned sardines as a fancy dish in the 30’s.

She said, she and her sister would go to their cousin’s house nearby. Their aunt would open a can of sardines for them and they would eat it with gusto. I was really surprised, considering that canned sardines nowadays are quite common. But my aunt said that it was different then.

Quite interesting story.

Author’s note: If you have stories to share about the old days, feel free to send it to sorsogon@live.com.

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One Response to Orosipon – An Halaga San Sardinas Sadto

  1. nardelsamae says:

    because sardine is a canned food, i do not recommend it for our family. but during typhoons, it was our best meal served together with tatay’s antique stories.

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