Orosipon – Series of Old Story from Those Who Witnessed It

orosipon – a Bikolnon word for “story,” suggests a refusal to fixity both in terms of the location of the narrator and the structure itself of the story: the story never stops being formed as it passes through multiple speakers. Orosipon, coming from the root word osip which approximates the verb “tell,” points to more than one person involved in an act of telling, which makes the act of telling proper to no one in particular: indeed, it is improper for any one to act as the sole teller. Orosipon suggests a multiplicity and fluidity that is prohibited by the homogenizing structuring of narration and community ¹ .

Due to lack of historical materials available, the author started interviewing his grandparents about their experiences in the early 19th century. Since it’s not documented and cannot be substantiated, the author decided to classify it as a simple story, titled, Orosipon, with specific focus for each article released.


¹Abstract of the article – Orosipon Kan Bikolnon: Interrupting the Nation, Raniel Barbaza

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