Author’s Pick – Places to Visit in Sorsogon City

Aerial View of Sorsogon City

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I was observing the hits of this site and I noticed that the most visited are the sites about places in Sorsogon; this is also reflected on the search engine queries that referred this site to the visitors.

I realized that it’s summer time, no wonder, people are looking for places to visit.

It’s been a while since I was really able to go around Sorsogon so I have limited knowledge nowadays of new places to visit. Here’s my personal fave though:

  1. River Trekking at Saday and Daku na Busay, Brgy. Guinlajon – From Cawayan bridge to the Saday na Busay is relatively easy; you can actually do rock hopping along the river banks. But going beyond the said falls (Busay is Bikol for water falls), foot trail suddenly vanished. But don’t take my word for it – this info is 15 years old!
  2. Hikingto Brgy. Guinlajon’s Hydro-Electric Plant. Enjoy the almost-200 steps

    Lake Danao, near the coast of Bacon District.

    going to the mountain top from the hydro plant – this is where famous runners – the Ballesteros brothers – would practice their daily run.  From the Maharlika Highway, it takes approx. 45min by foot going to the foot of the stairs. Then another 30min going to the top – again this info is when the author was way younger. If one is more adventurous, he can hike to Bacon district from Brgy. Guinlajon via the mountains dividing Sorsogon and Albay provinces; along the trail, there’s a lake (danao in local parlance) on top of the mountain.

  3. Enjoy the cold spring water of Brgy. Bucal-bucalan. It’s located a couple of hundred meters north of Pepita Park.
  4. Stay overnight at Tolonggapo Beach or enjoy the sun while lying on the white sand of Paguriran Beach, both in Bacon District. From what the author gathered, going to the latter is now easier since the road on that direction is now almost completed.
  5. Cawayan River Trekking – one can start from Saday na Busay until he reaches Sorsogon Bay.
  6. Witness the Flora and Fauna of Sorsogon at EDC Eco-Tourism Park – The author haven’t been here yet, but some friends recommended this place. There’s a main contact in the city proper before going to the park. Unfortunately, the author has no additional information on this.
  7. Watch the sun rises in Rimpulas, Brgy. Talisay – a lot of things in life is free. And this one is one of them.
  8. For history buff, like yours truly, one can visit Sorsogon Provincial Museum and Heritage Center.
  9. Sports
    • One can play tennis at Camp. Escudero Sr. along Magsaysay St. and Sorsogon Tennis Club in the Capitol grounds. Both are shell-clay tennis courts.
    • Sorsogon also hosts to Balogo Sports Complex that hosts to a 400-m running track, a soccer field, open basketball and volleyball courts. It hosted several Bicol Meet events in the last several years.
  10. Food Trip – a typical Pinoy endeavor:
    • Enjoy a cup of Barako coffee and varieties of rice cakes at Tiya Tinay’s. Tip – visit the place earlier than 6am, over the weekend, and you will get a chance to meet some local politicians.
    • One can try the tender baby back ribs at Pao-Pao along Rizal St, just beside Mercury Drug.
    • Quench your thirst by dropping by the halu-haluan in Calle Nueva St. It’s just in front of Fajardo Bldg, in Brgy. Polvorista.
    • And for those who simply can’t get away of Manila taste, Jollibee is located at LKY Mall along Magsaysay St. Chowking and Greenwich are also present in the city – both all are near the corner of Rizal and Magsaysay Sts.

Care to add more on the list?? Leave your suggestions now by leaving your comments!!!

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5 Responses to Author’s Pick – Places to Visit in Sorsogon City

  1. Edgar says:

    Lake Danao is available HI-RES on Google maps at 13°4′25″N, 123°58′42″E

  2. Edgar says:

    There is also another lake on the summit of Mt. Pulog in Bacon, Sorsogon near Lake Danao. It is available Hi-Res also on Google maps at 13°2′33″N, 123°58′55″E. There are pictures of Pulog Lake on or Google Earth, if you have it. Thanks for your article.

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  4. frank says:

    im from sorsogon too – nice article

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