Sorsogon City water utility firm tests run new equipment

SORSOGON CITY, June 29 (PIA) — Sorsogon City Water District (SCWD) begins middle of this month the 24-hour water supply test run for the resident-consumers in this city, according to an official of the utility service firm.

Engr. Jonathan G. Fortades, senior engineer and Officer-in-Charge of SCWD’s Production Division, said that pump operations in the Imperial Pumping Station in Barangay Pangpang and Cabid-An Pumping Station along the Diversion Road in Barangay Cabid-an will be round the clock.

Fortades said “These are the two main pumping stations supplying the main lines in the City.”

Fortades added that the said 24-hour test run operation will try the full capacity of the pump motors, the newly-installed Variable frequency Drives (VFDs) at the same time taking advantage of the current abundant supply of water from the spring sources.

“The test run is also put into operation to answer the need for more water in time of the opening of classes and other local celebrations in the month of June,” he said.

It can be recalled that at the start of the year, SCWD has installed VFDs in its major pumping stations to regulate the water pressure and energy consumption during pumping operations.

Sudden water pressure and high energy consumption are two main concerns of the District during water production operations. The former causing sediments to be pumped out in the distribution lines and the latter causing increase in water production cost.

The test run will continue until tomorrow (June 30) when the Engineering Division will look into the technical capacities of the pump station and the electricity consumption relative to the 24-hour water supply operations.

It is hoped that the test run will prove positive for a continuous water supply operation for the concessionaires of SCWD. (MAL/MLJumamil, SCWD)

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