Sorsogon City Log – 06/25/2011


This article will be discontinued, instead, will continue on a separate page, consolidating the author’s journal and the progress of the blog as well.


The author will release a series of articles about stories of the 20th century based on his interview with his grandparents who grew up in the previous century. This gives the readers, especially the Generation Y, a glimpse of the lives of their parents and grandparents back in the old days. The author calsl the series, Orosipon, or simply story. Sana maruyagan tabi nindo an isturya san panahon.

Finally, on September, perhaps up to October, Sorsogon City will release series of story about Vicente Peralta. He was a well respected Sorsogon Congressman of his time. The Peralta Street in Sorsogon City is his namesake.

Stay tuned!


The author spent more than 30 minutes just now to update the tags and the categories of the articles. Some articles neither have tags, nor categories. These attributes make it easier for (interested) readers to find their articles.

The author’s wife is quite critical of the grammatical errors on the articles (some were uploaded haphazardly obviously). Thus, every chance the author will get, he will correct these errors.

The author would like to solicit comments on the way the articles were composed or any feedback about errors on the articles.

Dios Mabalos!!!

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