Sorsogon water district upgrades, installs new facilities

by Irma A. Guhit

SORSOGON CITY, June 21 (PIA) — Heeding the call of consumers to be provided with a clean, potable and abundant water supply,the Sorsogon City Water District (SCWD) is in the process of acquiring two more units of Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to be installed in its pumping stations, according to the agency’s top management official.

Engr. Ronaldo Borbono, general manager of SCWD, said that for 2011, the agency will be installing VFDs in pumping stations at the Imperial Subdivision (PS#4) in Barangay Pangpang and in Barangay Pamurayan (PS#9).

“We have already scheduled this year the installation of VFDs in all our pumping stations, geared towards improving SCWD water supply and its quality while at the same time affording a more stable and cost effective pumping station operation”, Barbono said.

He explained that the scheduled installation of VFDs in Imperial Subdivision and Pamurayan pumping stations is a study conducted that showed the efficiency of the use of the VFD to induce high pressure capability based on the identified locations.

He also said that the use of the VFD, which has an ideal pump motor size, is a good prerequisite to attain a stable water supply of 15 liters per second.

“We are scheduling the immediate installation of these VFDs this second quarter and as soon as these VFD arrives.” Borbono explained.

A 30-HP VFD will be installed at the Imperial subdivision and will actually generate 15 liters per second (lps) and will be operating for 17 hours a day supplying the barangays along the national highway from Barangays Pangpang, Tugos, Piot down to the general vicinity of Sorsogon City business district.

The 15HP VFD will be installed at the Pamurayan water pumping station and will produce 10 llps and will be operating for 14 hrs a day to supply the outskirts of barangay Gimaloto, Pamurayan, Penafrancia and Cambolaga.

According to Borbono after the installation of these two VFDs , SCWD will again conduct a study of the water flow of its systems to identify the efficiency of their pumping stations where these were installed.

The management’s priority project for this year is really to have 5 VFDs to be installed in SCWD major pumping stations according to Borbono.

“We have also targeted the installation of another VFD at Bacon district on the third quarter of this year”.

“Hopefully with this innovation, SCWD will increase its efficiency, will be cost effective in its maintenance and operation and primarily provide the basic needs of the city of Sorsogon for a clean, safe and abundant water supply”, he said. (MAL/IAG, PIA-Sorsogon)

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