Gallery – Preparation for the 2011 Independence Day

Ribbons tied down on the lamp posts, with the typical red-white-blue motif.

While walking today on the capitol  grounds, I saw this contingent from the 903rd Brigade of the Philippine Army preparing for the Independence Day. They had a 2 Simba APC units, 1 unit of 6×6 personnel truck and the latest KM450 KIA personnel carrier. They even towed a M101 105mm howitzer! These artillery piece must have been from World War II.

Kia KM450 Personnel Carrier carrying LCD, folding bed, and other stuff for the Independence day. The army unit that owns this is reflected on its bumper.

903rd Brigade poster about its projects in Bicol.

Ribbons for 2011 Independe Day. The motif looks like the tri-colors of the French flag, which was the basis of the Philippine flag colors.

The M101 105mm Towed Howitzer in the capitol grounds.

Simba APC parked in the Rizal Park of the capitol grounds. This APC model is the only APC built in the Philippines.

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