Bulan town inaugurates 2nd of its museums

by Irma A. Guhit

SORSOGON CITY, May 31 (PIA) — “The local government of Bulan, as part of its 210th town fiesta celebration has, for one of its grand events, the inauguration, blessing , opening and unveiling of the Bulan Heritage Museum”, Mayor Helen de Castro revealed during the blessing last week of the second of two museums in the province of Sorsogon.

The 210th celebration of the town fiesta of Bulan, scheduled May 30-31 of this year, has several significant activities, one of which is the blessing and inauguration of its museum converted from the Old Residencia building which used to be the seat of government or the old munisipyo.

The museum, according to Mayor de Castro, will serve as a reminder of who they are as a people, as a community and what they aspire to become in the future. It will also serve as a repository of Bulan’s rich historical and cultural heritage, she said.

“We also take pride to open and have this museum in support of the International Museum Day celebration. This is one of my thrusts as a local government official — to show the next generation our historical past so that they will be able to see where they come from, relate with their past and at the same time appreciate their own history”, De Castro further explained in her message.

“In time for this 210th town fiesta celebration, we are promoting our museum as one of the sites that our visitors should visit as it showcases of our collection of artifacts and diggings that have been donated and collected, books significant to the municipality and historical records of some important the people, pictures of significant events and accomplishment of our leaders and other contributions by private individuals”, added De Castro.

She also stated that the museum will also serve as a repository for the local government’s thrusts in preserving their rich marine and environmental resource records where students can access for their research and studies.

“In the evening of May 30, the local government, in partnership with schools in Bulan , will showcase cultural groups and the best talents from both the young and old people in a historical-cultural presentation called Bulanenos Heritage Night at the Bulan Freedom Park” De Castro announced. (PIA-Sorsogon)

Original article can be found here.

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