Bits of History – A Sorsoganon Pensionados

The Pensionado Act of 1903 (or Act 854) refers to the law which allowed qualified Filipino students to study in the United States. Passed on August 26, 1903 by Governor General William Howard Taft‘s government through the Philippine Commission, this act provided funds for such students, called Pensionados, to acquire their college degrees at schools in the United States.

During the first decade of the American occupation, most of the pensionados were women from the elite class (the same class who had access to better education in the late Spanish period). However, under the American educational system, educational opportunities in the Philippines became more democratic that many of the later pensionados were promising Filipinos who were not necessarily wealthy.

These students were called Pensionados since they were scholars studying at the expense of the colonial government. They mainly earned degrees in government and administration since the idea of the program was to educate the students the U.S. Government system, so that upon their return in the Philippines, they would administer the government in the same fashion.

Upon completion, the Pensionados go back to the Philippines where they were entitled to occupy important roles and positions in the government and its sectors – agriculture, business, education, etc. By 1912, there were already 209 Filipino students, 8 of whom were women, who graduated from college and academic institutions in the U.S.

Below are first 104 pensionados, majority of them came from the prominent families in their hometown or region.

Timoteo Abaya – Laguna
Rafael Acosta – Pangasinan
Bernardo Agana – Tarlac
Romarico Agcaoili – Ilocos Norte
Andres Aguilar – Cebu
Digno Alba – Capiz
Candido Alcazar – Iloilo
Orancio Aligada – Masbate
Ramon Alvarez – Zamboanga
Silverio Apostol – Zambales
Jose Arboleda – Albay
Juan Avelino – Cavite
Apolinario Baltazar – Manila
Carlos Barretto – Manila
Jose Batungbakal – Bataan
Mariano Billedo – Abra
Jorge Bocobo – Tarlac
Firmo Borja – Laguna
Pablo Bueno – Negros Oriental
Jose Burgos – Manila
Jose Cabrera – Cebu
Mariano Carbonell – La Union
Mariano Manas Cruz – Laguna
Jose Maria Chanco – Cebu
Francisco Delgado – Manila
Francisco Donato – Cagayan
Gregorio Espinola – Sorsogon
Jose Espiritu – Pampanga
Esterio Favis – Ilocos Sur
Vicente Fernandez – Ilocos Sur
Gabriel Flores – Manila
Vicente Fragante – Ilocos Sur
Silvino Gallardo – Rizal
Arturo Garcia – Manila
Jose Gomez – Manila
Liborio Gomez – Manila
Isaias Gonzaga – Cebu
Jose Gonzales – Surigao
Manuel Gonzales – Pangasinan
Potenciano Guazon – Manila
Hipolito Hernando – Ilocos Norte
Marceliano Hidalgo – Pangasinan
Ludovico Hidrosolio – Capiz
Segundo Hipolito – Manila
Esteban Ibalio – Ilocos Norte
Eustacio Ilustre – Batangas
Delfin Jaranilla – Iloilo
Mariano de Joya – Batangas
Marcial Kasilag – Batangas
Fidel Larracas – Tayabas
Pacifico Laygo – Batangas
Francisco Llamado – Cavite
Roque Lomibao – Pangasinan
Carlos Lopez – Iloilo
Saturnino Lopez – Nueva Ecija
Vicente Manalo – Cavite
Gregorio Manuel – Cebu
Cenon Monasterial – Nueva Ecija
Mariano Mondonedo – Isabela
Rafael Montenegro – Negros Oriental
Ciriaco Morada – Batangas
Jose Muñoz – Pangasinan
Pablo Nacion – Albay
Ramon Nakpil – Manila
Domingo Natividad – Antique
Leon Nava – Iloilo
Antonio Nera – La Union
Miguel Nicdao – Pampanga
Jose Nieva – Manila
Ramon Ochoa – Manila
Florentino Oliver – Camarines
Lorenzo Onrubia – Cavite
Balbino Palmares – Iloilo
Gregorio Paredes – Cavite
Ildefonso Patdu – Manila
Ernesto Quirino – La Union
Emilio Quisumbing – Manila
Eduardo Ramirez – Bohol
Gregorio Ramirez – Bulacan
Joaquin Ramos – Tarlac
Justo Ramos – Bulacan
Francisco Reyes – Manila
Jose Reyna – Ilocos Sur
Jose Rivera – Laguna
Mateo Roco – Manila
Ignacio Rosario – Manila
Pelagio Ruiz – Ilocos Norte
Domingo San Jose – Camarines
Alejandro Santos – Manila
Jose Sanvictores – Pampanga
Aresenio Formoso Sebastian – Ilocos Sur
Pedro Serrano – Sorsogon
Andres Sevilla – Leyte
Antonio Sison – Manila
Benito Sunga – Bulacan
Alfonso Tuason – Manila
Hilario Valderas – Tayabas
Jose Valdes – Manila
Felix Valencia – Iloilo
Vicente Varela – Negros Occidental
Natalio Velez – Negros Occidental
Martin de Veyra – Manila
Emilio Villanueva – Negros Occidental
Francisco Ycasiano – Manila

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3 Responses to Bits of History – A Sorsoganon Pensionados

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  2. argusvj says:

    One of them left out in this list is my grandfather, Roman Valenteros, from Samar. He was standing in the front row – the 8th person from Left. I have a laminated photo of these pensionados at home.

  3. Angelo Nicdao says:

    My Great-Grandfather is Miguel Nicdao frm Pampanga. May I get a copy of that picture? I would really appreciate it

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