Taking a Trip to Tolonggapo Beach from Sorsogon City Proper

The author created several articles about Tolonggapo Beach. But he didn’t really discuss in details how one can get there. Tolonggapo Beach is 10km away from the Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral in the city proper.

So here are some tips:

  • One option is simply take the jeepney. The jeepney station is located at Brgy. Cogon-Almendras, near Sorsogon State College. If you take the trip to San Juan, San Isidro/Vicente – these won’t take you to the beach. Just ask the dispatcher and one should be able to find the right jeepney.
  • If you want to enjoy the morning walk to the beach, it’s a 2-hour by foot from the city proper
  • Or you can take a 20-minute ride via a tricycle. Just flag down one and ask the driver to take you to the beach. If you know the resort you want to stay, he can easily take you there. Most of the resorts have been there for awhile, so the locales are quite familiar. The author tried this once, he had to fork PHP100 for a one way trip to the beach.
    The one in the circle is the whole stretch of the Tolonggapo Beach located in Brgy. Caricaran, Bacon District.
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