A Journal on the Growth of Sorsogon City Site

June 25, 2011

It seems the trending for June is different. As of June 25, here’s the daily trending of the hits (no. of unique visits):

There's a strong consistency on the no. of daily visits on June compared to May.

The following are most popular queries that lead to the Sorsogon City site in the last 30 days:

  • alice bridge in sorsogon
  • bailey bridge
  • tolongapo beach bacon
  • bicol express train
  • http://www.philippinenews.com/sorsogon news
  • museum in sorsogon
  • colegio de la milagrosa
  • why is there an alice bridge in sorsogon
  • baluko
Here’s the monthly stats since October 2010. 

In the last 4 months, the monthly stats is consistently hitting beyond 1000+ hits. In average, this site his averaging 40 hits a day.

Based on all time stat on the top query that refers to this site:

  • sorsogon city
  • sorsogon museum
  • baluko
  • manila to sorsogon
  • tolongapo beach
  • sorsogon cathedral
I haven’t done any analysis yet how to leverage this information. I still want to share information based on my hunch than trying to catch up with the numbers, at least not yet. 
Dios mabalos giraray sa mga nagsusuporta sading website!
NOte: Originally, this article should be a one-time article. However, after realizing that I also want to share the progress of the site with our dear readers, I decided to rename it with a current title from, “How’s Sorsogon City Faring So Far?“. 


April 20, 2011

I started this blog late 2009 last year via Microsoft Live. Then, it was migrated last year to WordPress. And since January 2011, the site has improving hits. Here’s a snapshot:

No. of Hits As of April 20

And this wouldn’t be possible without the support of dear readers! Dios Mabalos!

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