Google Map Update – Satellite view of Bacon Airport

Bacon Community Airport via Google Map.

Here’s another update from the Google Map – Bacon Airport. The author also tagged the nearby elementary school (feel free to PM the author if the name of the school is incorrect). The dirt runway is pretty obvious. Also, one can easily spot the grass invading the runway area.

If one will get the maximum resolution, one can easily identify the nearby structures.

The beauty of technology!

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3 Responses to Google Map Update – Satellite view of Bacon Airport

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  2. marisa c. abarca says:

    I grew up in Brgy. Bulod, Bacon and i miss every moment of my stay there. I miss the beach, the old church in Bacon, my teachers and classmates in elementary. I wish i could visit again to my hometown.

    • sorsogoncity says:

      Thank you for your comment. I am also trying to get as much information I could about Bacon since it has rich history. My paternal grandmother came from Bacon as well. I still think Bacon as one of the towns, than a district of the city. Old school…

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