Sta Magdalena town mulls road map for community- based management system

by Irma A. Guhit

SORSOGON CITY, April 1(PIA) — Sta Magdalena Mayor Alejandro Gamos has confirmed the town’s road map for Community Based Management System (CBMS) is now on the drawing board, crafted with with the help of the women sector who assisted conducting survey of barangays last month.

Gamos said the town has a very high potential for tourism given its very beautiful coastal shorelines.

Sta Magdalena town is strategically located at the southernmost tip of the province of Sorsogon bounded from the east of the San Bernardino Strait, from the north the town of Bulusan and from the west the Irosin town.

“Though our town is small, we have a very nice coastal area with long stretch of white beach fronts and we would like to really come up with our own roadmap for tourism focusing on community based management intervention”, Gamos said.

In a survey last March 7-11, according to Gamos, several women helped out in surveying all barangays and were able to gather pertinent data for profiling which results will guide the local government in drawing out road map for development focusing on tourism and conserving our own community resources.

“We will be focusing on the Coastal Resource Managemant (CRM) and Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) initiatives that will involve our basic sectors in the municipality in planning, strategizing and implementing by engaging the basic communities living near our beaches and coastal areas.” Gamos related.

“We have the Olango and Liang beaches and other still underdeveloped and undeveloped coastal areas that can be converted into fine beaches that can be managed by the communities themselves given the right capability enhancement training, resource assistance and letting them have a sense of ownesrship of these resources,” Gamos added.

It can be noted that today the newest global trend for development of coastal resources is to involve the local communities .Government should let them feel a sense of ownership to these resources.

Gamos also explained that they be taught of their responsibility and accountability in managing what they have and provide them the knowledge by developing a roadmap that can guide them make a profitable sustainable source of livelihood through local tourism and agro-tourism..

Early this April, the local government will be using the data gathered in the interviews from the local residents of the 14 barangays dispersed geographically as the lowlands of poblacion with coastal areascomprising of 4 barangays and in the uplands of 10 barangays identified as areas more on agricultural produce and woodlands.

The coastal barangays will be be drafting their roadmap for ecotourism based on the areas for development and the rest with respect to their gegraphical location, resources products and produce.

Sta Magdalena is basically an agricultural land planted most to coconut trees and the rest to diverse crops like abaca, palay, root crops, vegetables and woodland.

Gamos said that the conduct of the CBMS has helped them now to get ahead with their roadmap for development in a more sustainable and visionary system of management by taking into great consideration the conservation of their natural resources and adapting to the global chnges including climate change which he said is an utmost concern given the so many calamities happening lmost all over the world.

They will also include the intensified disaster risk reduction programs in their raodmap plan given their location fronting the Pacific Ocean.(MAL/IAG, PIA Sorsogon)

Original article can be found here.

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