Sorsogon City shares experience on solid waste best practices

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By: Irma A. Guhit

Sorsogon City; March 14 (PIA) Mayor Leovic R. Dioneda, in the presentation given to the Provincial Solid Waste Management Board here during their last quarter meeting, said that the city of Sorsogon is now considered one of the best implementers of the solid waste management program in the region.

He said that he had represented and presented Sorsogon City in his travels to several countries, and now, he is being invited through their international funding agency partners like the USAID, CIDA and AUSAID, to present the city’s solid waste management program best practices.

“We have intensified our IEC in the barangays, in schools especially here in offices within the Sorsogon City Hall. Its proper implementation is regularly being monitored from within not only by the CENRO-LGU office but in all offices through their department heads.” Dioneda explained.

The city Material Recovery Facilities PI (MRF -Phase I) to be situated in Barangay Buhatan is likely to be replicated after its completion this 2011 according to Dioneda.

A yearly search for model barangays and schools implementing the SWMP properly has been on going and the city gives commendation and cash incentives awarded in time with their Sosogon Festival every December.

The city has also implemented the banning of the use of styrofoam as packaging especially in the City Hall during activities or occasions.were food is served..

Mayor Dioneda also presented the public waste treatment plant facility at the Sorsogon City public market which has been operational for almost two years now..

The city government is also now on its plan to only collect the residual waste and its recommendation to implement more the materials’ recovery facility program since this will also generate livelihood in terms of those who are operating junk shops in the city.

He said the people now saw the need to really cooperate and be involved in the program of the city. Household segregation is now practiced especially in Brgy. Tugos. Trash are brought out of the house only on scheduled days for collection. Disciple now is seen in some barangays and these are best practices where the city’s SWM program now is known for.

“Our best practice in the implementation of the SWMP really is more on the people’s awareness now that our trash is one of the causes of climate change and that proper management should start from every household if we want to save our planet” , Dioneda said. (PIA Sorsogon/mal)

The original article can be found here.

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