Climate change affects water supply in Sorsogon City

by Irma A. Guhit

SORSOGON CITY, Mar 7 (PIA) — Sorsogon City Water District (SCWD) directors Sylvia Reyes Lao and Jesus Fumera, lawyer, shared the same observation that the diminishing ground water supply happens to be a result of the effects of climate change and global warming.

In a radio interview here last week, both agreed that there is the need now for using surface water for water supply augmentation to service the entire population this city.

Lao said that based on the assessment conducted by the SCWD ground water in this city has been slowly diminishing due to basically the effects of climate change.

She said that although the SCWD maintains a water shed, still this can not provide the needed water supply in the next five years in the city.

Last summer of 2010, this city has suffered inadequate water supply due to El Nino that lasted for almost six months and although today the province is experiencing rainy season, the supply of water for the residents is still not enough as indicated by the very low supply of ground water source.

Meanwhile Renato Borbono, engineer and SCWD general manager called on the Sanggunian Panglunsod during their session early this January and presented to the body the project proposal of the SCWD for water augmentation by using surface water and requested their assistance to pass a local legislation to this effect.

He said that the need to tap surface water for water augmentation in the city will be sourced from rivers and dams.

The hydro electric dam which supplies water to the National Irrigation Administration (NIA) for irrigation to ricefields can also be tapped as an add-on source for water augmentation to include the Anahaw, Rangas, Pangpang, and Cawayan Rivers.

He also coordinated with the Sorsogon City Planning Development Office (SCPDO) so that initial steps to work on water augmentation mechanism be discussed before the coming of the dry season.

Borbono also said that aside from supplying adequate water, the SCWD sees to it that quality water is provided through filtering and treatment to ensure safe water delivery.

He enjoined everyone to plant more trees. He said that water conservation at home and in their work place be also observed by every consumer.

Fumera,on the other hand, explained that everyone should be conscious of how to conserve and use water properly. They have to report immediately to the SCWD any pilferage or if the public have seen leaks from pipelines and specially from fire hydrants.

Water is very important specially now that March is a fire prevention month. Everyone must be aware of how we should use water and conserve it.

“It is the SWD’s main thrust now to find ways on how to maintain enough water supply for everyone and that the SWD can provide safe, affordable water and efficient water supply delivery”, Fumera said.

In the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) safe and adequate water supply is the number six of the global targets to be accomplished by 2020.(PIA Sorsogon/mal)

The original article can be  found here.

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