Another One Will Bite The Dust – De Vera Ancestral Home?

The author considers himself a lover of old houses. The older, the more attractive. Though, he doesn’t claim that he would love to stay on such places as well. He did try, but this is another story for another time.

Old Memories
De Vera family’s ancestral house always come into the author’s mind. It’s located just beside Sorsogon Pilot Elementary School (SPES), along (of course) De Vera street, Brgy. Talisay. Based on some stories, it’s the old house of the family of the late Senator De Vera (elected during the Commonwealth time).

It was last seen fully renovated when it became the Bayview Hotel, perhaps in the 80s. Previously, it was a hospital – thus, SPES teachers would try scaring their pupils about ghosts (of those who died in the hospital) to prevent them from playing inside the compound.

Some also remember it as a warehouse for Coca-Cola products.

When the author was still attending classes in SPES, there were informal settlers living behind the old house. One time, there was a cholera outbreak coming from these informal settlers, and I think 1 child died.

But in the last twenty years, the house turned from worse to worst since nobody was maintaining it. Before Sisang in 1987, one could still remember it’s a 2-story house painted in white (sometimes, it’s called “white house” referring to its paint)

De Vera Family
There’s no available information what really happened to the De Vera family, except that most migrated to Manila. The author did encounter an nformation with a topic about this house; one user, claiming to be a De Vera, asked for any details about his family.

One can find families with such surnames, but the author is not sure if they are related to the family of the late senator.

The author’s parents are a bit familiar with a couple of children of the late senator, but don’t know where they are now or what happened to them.

Present Status
Based on the recent information (to be confirmed) is that the place was sold to the owner of the Robertson’s Deparment Store and will be demolished soon.

The author took the opportunity to take pictures, inspite of the low quality of his mobile camera, just to ensure that he captures the house before it completely disappears.

Other Old Houses in the City
The city of Sorsogon has very few remaining old houses – one behind the Petron station in Brgy. Cogon-Almendras, near the public cemetary; there’s the old pension house of the Diňo family along Peralta St.; there’s an old house in Brgy. Burabod (taas) in the corner of Burgos St. and Alegre St., which is currently being restored (or renovated).

There’s another old Castillian house in downtown Sorsogon, just behind the Gabarda building, along Rizal street. It’s not obvious to the people passing by since it’s a bit hidden; one can observe it if you are looking from the 2nd floor of Chowking in Plaza Bonifacio.

In downtown Bacon District, there’s this old house that was turned into a funeral home, beside it also an old house. And just another block away, there’s this 2-story hold house also owned by the family a family friend. These, in the author’s observation, are old Castillan houses, perhaps on the turn of the 20th century.

Another old structure is the old post office, now owned by the Go family. From the looks of it, it was built during the American time.

Author’s Point of View
The author dreams of buying the ancestral house of the De Vera family, perhaps, rebuild it to its old grandeur or turn it into a museum or a bed-and-breakfast hotel. The author is aware it will always remain as a dream, but now with Robertson’s (if it’s really true) buying it, those with the same dream and can afford it, will not be able to fulfill their dreams at all.

By writing this article, the author hopes that it can contribute to the awareness of the Sorsoganons and Baconons of the city’s old memories. He’s also hoping that such awareness can be turned into consciousness that will preserve these old structures (just like Juban’s) to be shared with the new generations.

Note: This is part of the author’s bucket list. The series of articles were actually inspired of the original article of Manny Ferrer.

Due to its proximity to the town center, it's a favorite parking spots for motorcycles.

From the looks of it, built during the American occupation. The supporting columns are not common on old Castilian houses.

Aside from this porch, there's no indication that this house is originally a 2-story house.

This is the left corner of the old house. SPES is just on the other side, so, pupils find this place as an alternative playground for the Patio.

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29 Responses to Another One Will Bite The Dust – De Vera Ancestral Home?

  1. sorsogoncity says:

    The author got a word from his cousin-in-law that he old house burned down last week or so. So sad… I just hope the other hold, historic houses do not end up with the same fate…

  2. sorsogoncity says:

    Sorry, it was a wrong information. According to the author’s mother, it’s not the De Vera’s house but Rudy Aquino’s house behind the original Sorsogon Rural Bank (now the Mercury Drug/Pao-Pao).

  3. john says:

    Hi! I know the people who lived in the white house. They are my relatives. Most of your information are correct…like it was turned into a hotel (Bay View). That was the time they renovated it into its old glory. I was there at that time it was renovated in the early 70s. The De Veras are my cousins, yes most of them are in Manila now. But one of the daughters of my tito During De Vera I believe lives in their ancestral house Irosin.

    I had great memories of the white house when they turned the place into a hotel. We use to go ghost hunting in the house…it was really haunted, There was a big balete tree at the back of the house.

    It was never rebuilt after it was destroyed by a powerful typhoon s couple of decades ago. The house was a two storey building. A big mezzanine that led to the balcony you see in the picture.

    • sorsogoncity says:

      Hi John, I am glad you left a message. When I checked this book about Sorsogon that was edited by Mr. Jamoralin, one of the contributors is a De Vera, a daughter of the late senator to be exact. Apparently, she’s a writer.

      Do you think it would be possible for you to share this article to the family? Perhaps they can also share some of the details. I am actually working with the daughter of the late Cong. V. L. Peralta and got detailed information from her and her nephew. This is my project this year to come up with the series.

      I would love to put a (hi)story about great Sorsoganons like the late senator.

      Dios mabalos!

    • sorsogoncity says:

      By the way, the typhoon you are referring to is either Sisang or Herming. They were almost 1 month apart, but the latter was the strongest – it took more than a hundred lives on its path. And that was just in Sorsogon. I am actually releasing an article under Orosipon series about this typhoon.

    • I was born in that house and I have pictures on how it was 62 years ago

    • Do you have FB add me up > I was born in that house in 1952. I still got a clear picture of it

    • add me up on facebook john. I was born there , as my dad and mom lived there way back 1952

  4. Julian de Vera says:

    Hi. I would like to thank you for this article you wrote about the “Hotel” (as we would call it) back in Sorsogon. Reading about it and seeing pictures takes me back to the days I spent there every summer. My father is Edgardo, one of Lolo Doring’s sons. The daughter you must be referring to is my Tita Mari, who I last knew to be residing in Bulusan.

    I will forward this article to my father, who now lives in Manila.

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  7. Sorsoganon tabi Akko says:

    According to my wife, this old house is the former hibo hospital.

  8. ahlfred says:

    I don’t get reply

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