Beaches of Bacon

My cousins and I grew up interchanging the name of Tolonggapo Beach from Bacon Beach. Twenty years back, there was only one Bacon Beach – Tolonggapo Beach, obviously, located near the center of the former town of Bacon. – at least, for those who didn’t grow near the coast of Bacon. But after noticing this traffic sign along the stretch of Magsaysay street, I had to correct myself.

Apparently, there are more beaches in Bacon that calling Tolonggapo Beach as Bacon Beach is simply inappropriate. This is the traffic sign near the Fatima Parish.

When I was in high school, there was this beach that became popular. You have to turn left going to Brgy. San Juan. I am not sure if it’s what we call Libanon Beach. The waves are bigger, and the current is much more stronger. Furthermore, the sand is black. I did go back there when I was in college, and once 10 years ago. It wasn’t fully developed still, and the original foot trail (you have to go down from the road) was hard to find.

The other Bacon Beach that I went to was in Pagol Beach. This is farther away from Tolonggapo Beach, perhaps another 45 minutes (I remember the travel time when the asphalted road was still full of moon-like potholes). Travelling to Pagol beach might be more comfy nowadays since the concrete road to Prieto Diaz had been completed. During that time, the said place didn’t have any huts or cottages for the visitors. I can’t remember the color of the sand, but definitely, it was unlike Tolonggapo’s.

Halabangbaybay also sounds familiar. I first heard about it when I was in High School, but I cannot remember where in Bacon it’s really located.

As far as I know, Buenavista is a barangay of the old town of Bacon, though, I also know that it’s a coastal area. So I wasn’t surprised that it has its own beach resort.

Lately, I have been hearing this Paguriran Beach near the border of Prieto Diaz and Bacon. They said, it looks like the Boracay of the early ’80s due to its white sand and pristine environment. But I haven’t been there yet.

For those who are interested to visit these beaches of Bacon, it’s easy to find pictures in the internet.

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7 Responses to Beaches of Bacon

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  5. yvonnenovela says:

    Halabangbaybay is only few steps away from Tolonggapo 😉

  6. Jesus Dellosa says:

    Halabang BayBay ( Long Beach) is among my favorite ,and second one is the Pagol beach…i been all of those beaches that you mentioned ,since i was born AND raised in Canarum Bacon …( you might never heard of the place )…..

    • sorsogoncity says:

      Hi Sir,

      Would you know during your time if Pagol Beach is popular from outside Bacon? Back in the early 90s, it wasn’t really as popular as Tolonggapo, but those adventurous enough and those that do not like the crowded beach, they would go there. I went back 4 years ago, i could still see the beach but i couldn’t find the downhill trail.

      On one hand, it’s my first time to know about Canarum Beach. I tried to cheat (Google), and found it to be in Sawanga. Or at least that’s my guess. Though i remember my relatives (who worked for DPWH contractors) would mention that the best beaches are those towards Prieto Diaz. And this was in the late 80s. I guess, this is another future itinerary for me.

      Glad to hear from a Bacongnon.

      Dios mabalos!


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