Sorsogon Town Hall – Yesterday and Today [Updated]

I remember passing by the old Sorsogon Town Hall in barangay Talisay when I was still a kid. It was just one of those structures that I see on my way to my cousin’s place. Lately, as I begun to love writing about my hometown, I began to appreciate the old structures of the town. And the old town hall is just one of them.

I have been inside the town hall not more than 3 times if I am not mistaken, one was just trying to deal with my curiosity and simply went inside. The mayor’s office was still on the said building. Then twice in relation to my role as member of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines; I think we toured a couple of local government agencies (it was the municipal jail then) and also dropped by with the local firefighters. I remember the firefighters have been on their current location since I was still a kid.

The Sorsogon Town Hall in the 40’s, most probably after the war.

I remember the municipal government transferring to the old Sorsogon Shopping Center (now under rehab by the LKY corp) when I was in grade 6 or so. And the old municipal hall became the city jail; eventually, it housed the local Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) and still is on the old hall. Also, it was dark and the illumination from the bulbs and fluorescent lamps were simply not enough.

The old Sorsogon Town Hall circa 2007. It hasn’t changed much since the 40’s. Though, there’s the BFP station on the left. It has been there since I grew up in the old town.

Nowadays, it houses local agencies. I think the one on the right wing, downstairs, houses a nursery for the barangay. I haven’t been inside since high school. Perhaps, I will drop by next time I visit and provide an update.

Sorson’s new City Hall in Brgy. CAbid-An. The picture is courtesy of Alissa Relativo.



Note 1 – Pictures were taken from this site while browsing the net for interesting sources about the old town of Sorsogon.

Note 2 – Here’s a related article about the old town hall.

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8 Responses to Sorsogon Town Hall – Yesterday and Today [Updated]

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  3. BINS says:

    Preserve it pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  4. VGD says:

    Please save our history!

  5. VGD says:

    Worst nightmare! They do not know how to preserve their own heritage. OMG. Nakapanghihinayang.

  6. Tina Peralta says:

    When practically the whole of Europe was bombed to the ground during WWII, most especially Dresden, Berlin and almost all the towns and cities of Germany, you would think not a single building was obliterated when you see Germany now. Every single building’s architectural drawings and plans were unearthed and every single roof, walls, crannies, stairs, rooms decorations, friezes, statues, gardens, etc were copied EXACTLY and brought to their original beauty and grandeur. We can only view these people with admiration on how they are so proud of their own history, their own proud heritage, their values, their culture and they do not lose track of these. We think that anything new is good, anything concrete and a boxlike structure is worth our admiration. It was like that Mayor Lacson who wanted to tear down the ENTIRE OLD INTRAMUROS in the early 60s until everyone started to yell and howl and screamed at him what an ignorant, illiterate and senseless man he was. In fact I remember when we brought my brothers to Letran every morning, my sister who was just very young that time used to remark that it is such a pity to tear down the old city. Thank goodness there were still some people left with a lot of sense of their heritage and history and that got stopped but not after a few of the old fortifications were torn down, especially the ones by the street going to Letran. That is what is happening to our beautiful Sorsogon which has a lot of history, which had a lot of beautiful old buildings like the almacen in Serangan, which is also gone now. All we have left are souless, cold and ugly structures that no one can really be proud of or even admire. Thank Goodness no one thought of tearing down the old capitolyo so they could replace it with that new one. It would not surprise me though if that happens. I hope that gazebo in the govierno park was not also taken out during the enhancement of the park. That used to be a place where small bands used to play their guitars and sing at full moon nights when practically the whole Sorsogon would be at the park to go skating or biking.

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