Who is Manuel Vivencio del Rosario?

According to the Report of the Philippine Commission,  a certain Manuel Vivencio del Rosario became the Provincial Secretary of the Province of Sorsogon from 1903 to 1905. He also became the fiscal of Albay on 1905 and later on was appointed as judge.

Based on the additional information from the net, apparently, there’s a lawyer of the same name who passed the bar exam on 1904 (the author assumes that the date of signing the roll of attorney is passing the licensure exam). Another article available in the net is a En Banc Decision of the Supreme Court about an auxiliary judge of the same name: “A copy of said motion was delivered to the attorney for the appellee on the same day (January 20, 1917), and the same was denied by the Honorable Manuel Vivencio del Rosario, auxiliary judge, on the 22d day of January, 1917, and notice of said order was given to the respective parties on the 23d day of January. Some question is raised in the brief filed in this court by the appellee concerning the failure of the appellant to give due notice of the hearing of said motion.“.

It seems that these articles point to the same person.

Who is really Manuel Vivencio del Rosario?

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