A Sorsoganon During the American Occupation, c. 1914

While searching for related articles on Sorsogon from the Report of the Governor General of the Philippine Islands, 1915, the author found an interesting excerpt from the Report of the Secretary of the Public Instruction, Bureau of Prisons: “During the period covered by this report two changes occurred among the prison officers, namely the appointment of Dr. Charles G. Thompson as assistant director vice Mr. L. A. Dorrington, resigned, and the appointment of Mr. Mario Guariña of Sorsogon, vice Mr. J. W. Quillen, transferred to the Ihawig Penal Colony. These changes were made effective July 1, 1914.”

The surname, Guariña, sounds familiar but the author can’t find any familiar persons with such surnames. But the author is definite he heard it from somewhere.

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