Mangrove in Brgy. Bulabog

This is the mangrove on the right side of Pepita Park if one is facing the bay.

The mangrove in Bgry. Bulabog is a common sight when you pass by the area (Pepita Park always comes into my mind). I can still remember when I was still a kid, behind the small wet market in the barangay, there trees near the shore and the mangrove extended several meters to the bay.

Standing tall and surviving the onslaught of human invasion.

Nowadays, you will see very few trees still standing behind the wet market. I did notice that near the vicinity, the mangrove is still thick, but one can notice that the denudation is creeping slowly.

The mangrove, the suba (swamp?), reminds me of Cesar Montano’s movie, Panaghoy sa Suba.

One can think if this mangrove will last in our lifetime at all, considering that the demand for roofing materials is increasing.

I hope the local government can revitalize this area; perhaps the current mayor can learn from Prieto Diaz. The mangrove is a source of livelihood – fish and the likes to stay there because it’s safe. Mangrove is a well known protection against tidal wave – if somebody search the news, several areas were protected during the tsunami because of the mangrove breaking the tidal waves rushing in. Nipa, which grows in a mangrove, is a good source of roofing material for nipa huts.

It can also be a recreation area for tourists where one can rent a boat and go fishing.

So during my visit, I took some pictures of one of the few mangroves in town. I would admit, a DSLR could have done a better job.

Note: The author found a notice in Brgy. Gimaloto about the local citizen’s actions. Though, the author didn’t have a chance to interview those involved.

A notice about mangrove protection can be seen after crossing the Bailey Bridge, connecting Gimaloto from Barayong.

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