Exploring Sorsogon – Gimaloto-Barayong Bailey Bridge

Bailey Bridge in Bgry. Gimaloto and Barayong.

I didn’t know what to call those metal, narrow bridges in the barrios. Then, I read several articles about Bailey Bridge; I even read, though I can’t find it anymore, that it was designed by a Filipino back in the 20s – apparently not.

But during my hike along the Cawayan river, I encountered a Bailey Bridge, albeit not exactly the original,  connecting the banks of Brgys. Gimaloto and Barayong!

Another find for me!

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2 Responses to Exploring Sorsogon – Gimaloto-Barayong Bailey Bridge

  1. Patrick says:

    The bridge on the photo is a “new version”. A real baileybridge is has only 5 feet ( 1,5 m ) height. But the system is almost identical. The website http://www.baileybrug.info shows the “original” bailey bridges.

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