Does the place, Iguey, really exist?

Map of Sorsogon showing the location of Magallanes

Iguey is located in the town of Magallanes. Image via Wikipedia

The author really never thought that aside from the reference material for the previous article for the said place, there are other existing references.

Before I compose the previous article, I simply concluded that if ever I search Google again, it will only give me the same reference material. I did search it today via the web search and it gave me a couple of references. However, this is more of word of mouth; though, can be verified if you are from the town of Magallanes.

Apparently, the place, Iguey, does really exist; unsurprisingly, it’s in the town of Magallanes – where you will find the old place, Gibalong, and it’s also a coastal area. It’s now the Poblacion (center) of the said town¹.

Another article that mentions it is about the story of the ship building in Bagatao, Magallanes. Since it’s nearby the shipyard, it was also a major source of wood during that time² .


¹The Establishment of the Ancient Parish of Magallanes, this is a summary of another site. However, upon visiting the website, it informs you that it’s unavailable.

²Los Galeones de Bagatao (The Galleons of Bagatao)

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