Description of Sorsogon c.1856

Sorsogon is the name of the bay, harbour, and a town of the island of Luzon in the peninsula of Camarines and province of Albay. The bay is both spacious and secure as a harbour. It is 14 leagues in circumference and 4.5 in breadth, having its entrance on the islets of Poro and Malcimbo. Next to Cavite, in the great bay of Manila, it is the best port in the Philippines. The town of Sorsogon is situated at the head of the bay and on its shore between two rivulets and debouchement, in north latitude 12° 30′ 30″, and east longitude 123° 41′. It contains a population of 7315 inhabitants. Behind it is a peak, but which the height has not been ascertained.¹

Author’s note: I know the are islets on the mouth of the Sorsogon Bay, but I am not aware of their current names. Furthermore, the peak that the book author is referring to might be the mountains separating Albay and Sorsogon. But then again, the book author only mentioned, “mountain”, was he referring to Bulusan? Finally, the author might not have been yet to Subic bay, regarding his comment on the port of Cavite, considering that this was during the Spanish time.


¹Page 408, “A descriptive dictionary of the Indian islands & adjacent countries“, John Crawfurd, London: Bradbury & Evans, 11, Bouverie Street, 1856.

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2 Responses to Description of Sorsogon c.1856

  1. elay says:

    i remember seeing an old illustration of sorsogon bay in a book series called filipino heritage. (it’s a 10 or 12 volume series but i dont know which one), true enough, mt bulusan is a very prominent feature and it was specifically mentioned. i was a kid when we found it but it struck me coz back then i don’t see a lot about sorsogon in the pages of books. when i go home im going to look it up again =)

    • sorsogoncity says:

      i remember that book – one of my fave history books of our nation. i am actually checking some 2nd hand books in recto if i could find them – no success yet. i am now on the digitized books in google. right now, i found this 1900 commission report of the american colonial authorities. very interesting excerpts about our province.

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