Have you heard of the place, Iguey?

I consider myself a wannabe historian. Lately, I am browsing for bits of information about the history of Sorsogon and Bacon, and the surrounding towns. Then one of my classmates introduced me to Google Books; though, I heard about this several times but I never took it seriously, until now.

So I found this article, “Moro Piracy during the Spanish Period and its Impact” by Domingo Non. It seems that it is taken from a certain magazine (or book?), Southeast Asian Studies, Vol. 30, No. 4, March 1993.

On page 7, there’s a mention about Sorsogon: “Bicol region was also heavily attacked by pirates. In 1636, the town of Iguey in Sorsogon was raided and totally burned. Its residents were either killed or taken captive for slavery. Consequently, the town ceased to exist.

It would be very interesting to know where this old town was during those times.

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