Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral – The Renovation (Part 2 of 3)

Last month, I had to visit my uncle in the province. This time, I couldn’t afford to stay longer than 2 days in the town. I did have the opportunity to take some pictures of the cathedral to check the progress of the renovation.

The most surprising was the missing spire where the transmission tower was (unfortunately, the picture I took was of low quality)! I really don’t know what to expect when I get home early this week.

The chancery is also gone! Perhaps it will be replaced by another, much better-looking building.

Here are some pictures as of November 21, 2010:

Even if the picture is not of good quality, it's obvious the the spire hosting the DZGN-FM transmission tower is gone!

Beautiful altar - simple, yet elegant.

Where did the Chancery building go?

For more pictures of the being-renovated Cathedral, anyone can visit this site.

Note: For those who have additional information on the renovation of the cathedral, feel free to share it on this site for every Sorsoganon’s reference. Thank you.

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