Canyon Lata (Kawayan)

Canyon Lata (Cawayan)

The guy is checking the integrity of the barrel of the canon after series of explosions.

While trying to trace the Cawayan river, I chanced to see a couple of teenagers lighting up a makeshift cannon made of several milk cans.

I was more than 200m away when the first time I heard the explosion. I thought it was your usual Super Lolo or Plapla. And I was surprised to see that we still have some kids using the (almost) traditional noisemaker.

Canyon Cawayan

The noisemakre, with enough kerosene could fire 3 or more times before it needs to be refilled.

Normally for a Canyon Cawayan, they use carbon carbide and water (the former reacts violently with latter). I can still remember this when I was in elementary. These are the same ingredients use in Oxy-Acetylene welding wherein, the Acetylene is the flammable vapor produced by the reacion of Carbon Carbide and water.

Though I have no idea how to make it and ensure that it doesn’t explode in front of somebody’s face when the explosive material is ignited.

The kid just finished firing a makeshift cannon made of tin cans. The picture is blurred since the photographer got startled during the explosion.

In this case, the kids used kerosene – I saw them pour the kerosene on a hole on one end and shake the barrel. I think by shaking the barrel, the kerosene evaporates creating highly flammable fumes; furthermore, when ignited in a closed space, it will create a loud noise. (Later on, I checked Wikipedia and it says the same thing).

The tin can barrel is held together by several rubbers tied around it. I haven’t really had a chance to check how they glued the cans together.

I took some pictures, but a couple of them are blurred – I took it while covering my ears with my left arm and hand, while the other holds the camera to take the picture.

It’s really feels great to see somebody are still sticking with traditional and safe noisemakers!

The kid is checking the other end with open hole if everything is okay.

That was a loud bang! Too loud that the author's hand can't stay still!

Additional materials on bamboo cannon and PVC cannon can be found on the net.

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2 Responses to Canyon Lata (Kawayan)

  1. gideon300 says:

    Tnx for sharing this. By the way did you reach the kawayan falls? I’m thinking to climb it myself too on summer. Diin ka tabi nag-agi sa camp site sa Guinlajon?

    • sorsogoncity says:

      Yup, there are 2 falls above the river – daku na busay and saday na busay. I don’t remember taking the trail via the camp site, I can’t remember kun diin kami nasiway from the road. Pero if the terrain hasn’t change since 15 years ago, from the irrigation (I remember this is the name that we call the place then, just upstream of the bridge) to saday na busay, you can follow the upstream trail.

      From the saday na busay upstream to the daku na busay, I remember it’s very challenging. I remember taking the route opposite (from daku to saday) because it seemed easier, pero not more than twice
      or thrice.

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