Bawal Tabi an Pag-Quarry sa Salog sin Cawayan

I was taking some pictures of Cawayan River as part of my documentation of “Sosogon an Salog san Cawayan” blog. While figuring out how to proceed along the river, I encountered a notice based on RA no. 7942 (Philippine Mining Act of 1995) and Prov’l. Ordinance No. 93-02.


This notice can be found when going down the river bed of Cawayan River, on the Basud side.

Let me try translating that into English: “Notice – this is to inform you that quarrying of sand, gravel and boulders are s

trictly prohibited within a 1-km radius from the (Cawayan) bridge. The penalties are as follows – fine of PHP3,000 to PHP5,000 and minimum of jail time of 6 months but not more than a year.”

And there was a truck stuck in the river; men were trying to push it.

A truck trying to get off the water of Cawayan River. Later on, men are trying to push the truck to higher ground.

While going back to our place, the same truck was already out of the water. Another white truck (seems to be of the same model) was parked on the river bed.

Categorically, I didn’t see any quarrying activities. I only saw a truck stuck in the water.


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