Good to be back!!!

Today, I still on the working mode – waking up at 630am although I went to bed at 130am, checked my emails from the office, prep-up for a call, etc.

That’s usually my routine on my first day in Sorsogon – that if I stay on my place; it’s a different story if I stay on my wife’s place.

After the emails, I took off and went around the neighborhood and talked to some old friends. It’s good feeling of catching up with the neighbors. I also observed some old houses and new ones; what caught my attention was at the other end of Gate 2 street, it has been the same house since we got hit by a strong typhoon more than 20 years ago!

The sun is a bit painful at 830am, but it’s quite different experience when staying under it in the big city. Furthermore, despite of the tricycles going around, the fresh air is still very noticeable.

It was a 20-minute walk around the area and went back for an office call.

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